GPS: Some places are best left unmapped!

Have you ever done something so stupid, that it’s left you completely afraid?

Barry Glidon, Rehan Khan and Mark McHugh have all done exactly this, by following their faulty GPS to a weird house, in a strange suburb, in the industrial west of Sydney.

“GPS: Some places are best left unmapped!” is an original horror audio story first broadcast on the 2018 Halloween Listening Party.

Featuring an original synthwave soundtrack by Kimberly Henninger and Shawn Parke, as well as music by Irving Force, Machinegewehr + Gees Voorhees, Guy Tallo, Dynatron, Dance with the Dead, Europaweite Aussichten, Deru and Daniel Deluxe.

Photo of GPS audio cassette release

Available now as a Cassette or Digital release through Bandcamp.