GPS: Some places are best left unmapped!

Have you ever done something so stupid, that it’s left you completely afraid?

“GPS: Some places are best left unmapped” is an audio horror story from the land down under! Three young guys on their way to a pool party are led astray by a faulty GPS app, taking them through the backroads of the industrial west of Sydney. After losing their friend in a creepy terrace house, the two remaining boys end up somewhere much darker still, with only a bonfire light to guide them!

Originally broadcast on the Halloween Listening Party on FOTW Radio, GPS features an original synthwave soundtrack, including the music of Irving Force, Machine Gewehr & Gees Voorhees, Guy Tallo, Dance with the Dead, Dynatron, Europaweite Aussichten, Deru, Daniel Deluxe – and a creepy incidental score by Kimberly Henninger & Shawn Parke.

Photo of cassette release of GPS: Some places are best left unmapped!

GPS has been released as a limited-run cassette. If you live in North America, you can get a copy through Tapehead City in New York, and AndVinyl Records in Tennesee. And if you live in Australia, it’s available from Repressed Records in Newtown.