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Welcome to the Halloween Listening Party on FOTW Radio, an online radio station that runs all through October – with a special live broadcast on Halloween night, which usually includes a horror story.

We are currently in deep sleep mode – but we are still sending out a signal!

How to listen

You can listen through the fantastic Radio Garden app (android / apple / web)

Also through the TuneIn Radio app (android / apple)

You can also request the Halloween Listening Party through a smart speaker.

Hey, Google, play Halloween Listening Party” or “Alexa, play Halloween Listening Party

Song Requests

If you have a song request, send it in, and we’ll program it in for next October.

Submit by email or securely through the form below.

Podcast and Past Shows

You can find past shows here.

We also have a podcast version floating around.

Last Words

You can follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

FOTW Radio t-shirt

If you’d like to support us, we have sweat-shop free ‘FOTW Radio’ t-shirts in our Bandcamp store.

You can also get one of our spooky audio stories for name your price!

Halloween song requests!