The Halloween Listening Party 2018

A pop-up online radio station based in Sydney, Australia, sprouting up last week of October, playing all your spooky favourites – with a live broadcast on Halloween night.

Broadcasts from Halloweens Past:

Get Involved!

Do you have a song-request or a shout-out you’d like to make to your best ghoul or ghost?

Send it in now for October 2018!

We’ll also keep you posted with creepy Halloween news 🙂


Horror audio stories

Each year we make an original horror audio story with creepy sound design and a killer synth soundtrack.

‘It’s Worth it to Stay Positive’ was our eerie delicacy for 2017.

Peter didn’t usually come home late from work . . . but with his girlfriend away overseas, he was dragging his feet, stopping in town to borrow a book from the library, and grab something to eat in Chinatown.

But now, as he walks home alone down Terminus street – not far from his flat – something sinister falls from a tree.

Should he stop and have a look, or keep walking?


Halloween Listening Party T-shirts

Celebrate the world’s spookiest pop-up radio station with a high quality, ethically-sourced, Frankenstein-approved ‘AS Classic’ T-shirt.

+ Includes download of our latest ‘Out of the Fog’ audio horror story.

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